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(QPSS) Supplies

QPSS Procurement Specialists have a great rapport with our suppliers. They have completed advanced training to negotiate for optimum prices and quality from our QSL (Qualified Supplier List) suppliers and manufacturers. All procurement purchase orders are placed with QPSS standard procurement surveillance process outlining all the necessary documentation and critical materials we will inspect or have a 3rd party inspect for compliance before shipping. This process aligns for ease of procurement of quality supplies, materials, and equipment.  

QPSS has access to over 450 channel partners or distributors on an ADL (Approved Distributors’ List), very similar to the qualifications per Cornelius’ development and implementation while working in that position for ExxonMobil’s AVL (Approved Vendors List). These distributors are licensed by all the major oil and gas companies (Shell, Chevron, and BP) as well and operate as multi-brand distributors. This array of approved channel partners provides QPSS the capability to service military bases all over the World with consistency and competitive prices.

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