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QPSS is a Disabled Veteran-owned company where our veteran personnel have an ingrained concept of veterans helping veterans.  Also, with over 40 years of military experience and certifications in the area of leadership, service, dedication, training others, information systems management, contract management, safety, OSHA regulations enforcement, supply chain, logistics, and procurement.

QPSS expertise is in the following:

Supplier of fuels, lubricants, PFF (piping, fittings, and flanges), valves, and the procurement of any miscellaneous supplies/materials ranging from office to unique hard-to-find items.

Veterans assisting veterans with training and employment opportunities in fuel handling, procurement, supply chain management, and operations with our network of 450 fuels/lubricants distributors across the US.

We have a contractor personnel repository along with our current personnel with certifications and qualifications to consult in the following areas: Safety, Quality, Logistics, Contracts, Scheduling, Procurement, Engineering, Construction, Mechanical Completions, and Start-Up.

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Tel: 703-901-7720

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